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Do you prefer the std 15 degree FBI draw angle for strong side hip carry ? Login/Join 
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Originally posted by grumpy1:
JM Custom Kydex and others offer a variety on cant angles.

I'm impressed with his offerings, and various options, including custom cant. Thanks VERY much grump.

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This may seem odd, but I use almost a 45 degree cant OTW high ride @ about 3:30. The draw is a bit odd when standing, but it makes the weapon easy to get to when seated or in the car. Re- holstering is also a slower more deliberate act.
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10 degree here and it's standard with Raven Phantoms.

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I just bought my first Kydex carry holster. Discussed it with the maker, PJ Holster, and he suggested, for a 3:30 to 4 o'clock carry, a 15° to 20° cant. I went with 15°. Works like a champ. Draws very nicely & I can re-holster neatly and cleanly without looking or feeling for the holster.

Only disadvantage is that does raise the grip of the pistol and makes it print a bit more than it otherwise might. Not a problem with a loose cover garment, but a couple of my t-shirts are more form-fitting.

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NO Straight drop for me. Smile
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Originally posted by Kelleytoons:
I've migrated the carry back to 4pm which is much more concealable and comfortable and the FBI cant is perfect for an easy draw from that position.
4am works pretty well, too. Wink

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I carry at "3 o'clock."

With a small gun like a baby Glock, I carry with no cant. The gun still conceals well and it's a good angle for drawing the gun.

For larger guns, like my Glock 22, I carry with a 10 degree cant. It helps the gun conceal better, but is not canted so much that it slows the draw.

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15 is a little excessive for 3:00, but 3:30-4 is fine.
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Depends on the gun, holster and clothing I'm wearing.

For my daily carrying; Glock 17, Classic IWB by Blade-Tech which usually sits on the hip with about a 10° cant.

Now if I'm wearing "professional" attire; I would go with a Glock 17 in a VMII behind the hip. The VMII is a 15° cant.

Originally posted by wrightd:
Do you prefer the std 15 degree FBI draw angle for strong side hip carry ? I find it a little too much rake because I like to carry at 3:00 to 3:30 or so, rather than 4 to 5 oclock.

I'm thinking a 5 degree cant. What say you ?
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Usually 3 o'clock, straight drop, mid ride,1.5 inch clip over. Dara also offers multiple cants .
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For me, a bit of cant (or maybe a lot haha) is perfectly fine for carrying on the strong-side hip, but I find it a pain to actually draw with cant (15 degrees, in my case).

Personally, I am thinking of trying some straight-drop holsters next...
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Because my duty holster is straight drop I try to have all my carry holsters straight drop as well.

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I like the added cant for carry behind the hip. I tend to carry 330-4 o clock and the cant makes it easier to conceal the grip. It requires torquing your wrist a bit more than normal on the draw but that hasn't become a problem for me yet.

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I like the 15 degree cant at 4pm
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I prefer a 10-15 degree cant. Even with holsters worn directly on the hip at 3:00. I can't do straight-drop holsters. The draw feels too unnatural.
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I prefer 0 degree cant.

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