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Florida - The 1st District Ct of Appeals in FL has overturned a ruling from a Circuit Ct. on a FL law that passed back in 2012 that would hold local authorities liable and could be sued and have to pay for gun laws they passed that were illegal under FL Preemption Law. The Circuit Ct ruled the law was invalid but the Dist Ct Upheld the law. is not sure if a stay will be put in place as the local authority will most likely appeal. You can read the ruling at

North Dakota – Governor has signed HB 1498 which strengths their use of force laws. The new law becomes effective August 1, 2021. You can read the bill at:

North Dakota - Governor has signed SB 2344 that prevents the shutting down of Shooting ranges sellers of firearms/ammunition/accessories etc and forbids the confiscation of firearms and carrying etc doing emergencies. The new law becomes effective August 1, 2021.

North Dakota – HB 1293 was signed by the Governor. The new law becomes effective August 1, 2021. The NRA stated this bill: expands the list of firearms that an individual can carry in their vehicle under North Dakota’s Constitutional Carry law. HB 1293 also removes the restrictions on certain times of the day when one can open carry, and reduces the residency requirement for Constitutional Carry from one year to 30 days.

There is one item they are not reporting on. If this bill becomes law ND will only honor resident permits from the states they honor. At least it seems very clear to me that it will only honor resident permits from the states they honor.

Virginia – VA is adding more places off Limits. Any property where any school district employees work can be posted as off limits.

West Virginia - The Governor has signed HB2499. It is a bill that removes sales tax from firearms and ammo. Not just for a week but No Sales Tax until some dems take over the state and repeal the law which I hope that never happens. The bill also removes most if not all the taxes from businesses that produce firearms and or Ammunition. Property taxes would be greatly reduced if not totally eliminated. Even saying that they are wanting to attract businesses from the anti gun states.

West Virginia also just passed and the Governor signed HB2793 which becomes effective June 7, 2021. West Virginia will now offer Non-Resident Permits. Non-Residents will have to appear at a Sheriffs Office and must meet the same requirements as a Resident. Only those 21 or older can apply.

West Virginia – Governor has signed SB 458 which goes into effect July 8, 2021. This bill strengthens the rights of gun owners and gun stores in a declared emergency.

Note: West Virginia Bills become effective 90 days from the date they pass both the House and Senate unless they have a date specified in the bill. A good site to see how states bill become law and how long Governors have to sign bills etc plus other info on the States.

Wyoming - My last post I stated Wyoming Permitless Carry Bill had not passed but most likely would. It passed the day I posted and becomes effective July1, 2021. There bill to remove some of the places off limits in their law which I really liked died.

LA/SC/TX Permitless Carry still have a long way to go before they can become law but at least they are still alive.

Louisiana – Their Permitless Carry Bill current wording the way I read it only allows for Residents of Louisiana to Carry W/O Permit. This bill has not passed yet and the wording of the bill can change. First it has to pass! The Governor has also stated he would veto the bill if it got to his desk.

South Carolina – Permitless Carry Bill

Texas – Permitless Carry Bill when be updated with these changes when they become effective. There are a lot of changes coming down the pike. Most seem to be good for the RKBA.

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again for keeping us updated on the constantly changing firearms laws.


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I thank you as well!

I travel extensively and find your posts very informative.
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Thanks for the updates.

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