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Due to a right hip issue, my normal carry at about 4 o’clock causes no small amount of pain. I have a few shoulder holsters for various handguns, but they are all horizontal. I’m not very thick, so even a G19 just doesn’t conceal as well as I’d like, even with tie downs. And there is a lot of flop.

So I decided to add to the box o’holsters.

I ordered, and just received, a couple of the Galco vertical holster systems v4.0.
One for a 4” revolver and one for a full size 1911.
I got them put together and mostly adjusted today.

Oh my, why didn’t I do this years ago?!

The shoulder straps are wider than the Miami classic, and the weight seems to hangs much better with the guns being vertical. Much more stable, not near as much flopping around. I’ve have the mags get ejected from my MC holsters from banging against my rib cage. That happened with a P229 and a G19. Granted, both of those instances were while on the tractor in the cow pasture.

The end of the holster has a belt loop, and the system comes with a tie down for the ammo side. Holster and ammo pouches are reversible for left hand carry.

The revolver system holds two speed loaders, the 1911 setup holds two extra mags. Pretty standard fare on that point. I have bumpers on my 1911 mags, and they were a little tight, but should wear in nicely.

Yes, access is much slower than a strong side OWB, but we all certainly hope we tore these things more than we use them.

As I said before, I got them for a full size 1911 & a 4” revolver. Those size handguns take a little finesse to draw, should get better with time and use.

BUT! My 3” GP100 and my Sig Scorpion Carry (4” 1911) go in and out like butter!

Overall, I think I’m gonna like these holster systems. Yes, I know they aren’t ideal, but it sure saves me a lot of pain associated with this hip. And I’d rather be a bit slower and still carry.
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Like you, hudr, I developed some painful sensitivity from having any of my OWB holsters snugged up at 4 o'clock on my right hip... so much so, that I switched to a horizontal shoulder holster for my G19 and G26 and have another for a Ruger SP101, both Galco products. Recently, I decided I'd like to carry a full size, all steel 1911 and the only carry option I considered was the vertical shoulder style. I also selected the Galco VHS 4.0 holster. It took a week of adjusting and re-adjusting to find the right fit but I can now carry the 1911 all day in comfort. I've also begun to see rewards from my practice drawing and dry firing. The motion is becoming quite natural and I'm getting faster. The most challenging maneuver to master was releasing the retaining strap snap with the index finger. Pulling fresh magazines from the pouch under my right arm is difficult at best, though practice should help. As a solution, I've added a double mag pouch to my belt at about 8 o'clock on the left side, the position I've carried magazines in for years. That is working out well and without hip discomfort. All in all, I am quite happy with this holster.
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I posted a question in the Pistol section awhile back asking for opinions about vertical shoulder holsters and received some good info.

I do not like horizontal holsters, the sweep of the draw is a no go for me.
In my research I decided on the FIST #70 horizontal holster. Its available in Kydex or leather. I don't like a thumb snaps on a defensive holster and the extra magazine storage is of no interest to me, I can keep a extra mag on my belt or in my pocket. The FIST uses a break away retention system and allows the holster to pivot for a faster, easier draw.

In the post, I posted, some readers recommended a belly band instead of a shoulder holster. I initially was not hot on that idea. After I thought about it I decided to give it a try. I already owned several Alien Gear IWB holsters. I saw that Alien Gear sells a band that works with there holsters (might work with others) that was relatively inexpensive, so I purchased one.
I really like it. I don't have to hang the holster on my belt, I can move the gun around to different areas and raise the gun higher or lower, Great for driving and fast removal in the car.
I may still buy the FIST holster but for now the band is doing what I wanted.
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add one of the Galco knife carriers to your offside behind the magazine pouches.

I did this and carry a Cold Steel "OSS" blade under my right armpit with the HK P7 psp under my left armpit. The Galco lite horizontal system isn't molded to any particular pistol so it works with my Smith 5904 (square trigger guard), HK P7 psp, and Sig P6.

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The Galco Miami Classic is the go to shoulder holster.
Look at the Falco--Roto holster. It's a vertical holster, has a retnetion snap to keep it vertical. The roto feature allows the holster to pivot for an easier draw.
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