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Originally posted by magholderusa:
So just curious how often people practice reloading with a spare magazine? Do you do it just once when you get a new firearm or holster? Or do you practice everytime you go to the range?

I dry fire every day I carry, and I practice magazine reloads with every dry fire. I also do dedicated magazine reload sessions, and break it down to components of the mag swap, as well as both dropping the ejected mag, and retaining it.

I practice reloading using the strong hand on the weapon and weak hand on the spare magazine, then swap hands and do the reverse. While normally I reload while looking at the mag, I practice with eyes closed, and while focusing on the target. I also practice standing, crouching, and moving.

A magazine change may be due to ammunition exhaustion, which could be slide lock, or may be a failure to lock back; both should be practiced. The mag change may be to top off the firearm while moving or between shots. It may also be to clear a malfunction. Each should be practiced.

I practice using both empty magazines, and magazines loaded with "dummy" rounds, or weighted inert magazines such as the Double Alpha practice magazines.

There are a number of reasons a magazine change may be needed or desired; they should be part of regular training. All skills are perishable. Also, if more than one type of firearm is carried, or planned to be carried or used, then magazine reloads are unique to each one. Aligning the magazine on a Glock for a smooth insertion and reload doesn't mean one will accomplish the same with a Beretta or a HK. Each individual firearm needs attention, for proficiency.

Originally posted by Phred:
Reloads are always based on what the gun does.

In a drill, perhaps. Reloads are based on need; a reload doesn't need to be restricted to an empty firearm or slidelock. Indeed, it's wise to reload before getting to that point, if the opportunity presents.

In the revolver days, we frequently did a fire 2, reload 2 drill; the reload was typically from a dump pouch or speed strip, as opposed to a speed loader for the full cylinder.

Reloads should be practiced with the pistol empty at slide lock, and also with the pistol still loaded and in battery, or empty and in battery.

I'd say the circumstance dictates the reload, rather than the firearm. Absolutes are seldom absolute.
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Every range session, I incorporate some level of mag change with every drill.

Good to have a shooting partner and you load each other's magazines, changing up the amount keeps you on your toes and paying attention to the gun's operation during the drill.

Dry-fire shooting, I'll do the same, there's no point working on a solid trigger-pull if you're not putting in the work on solid reload technique.
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Burkett reloads 2-3 times a week in dry fire

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