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The person I've used in the past is now out to a 7-9 month wait.

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Mark Garrity was able to make me two holsters a lot faster than many of the others I have used in the past. TTGunleather may still be a shorter than normal wait time.
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In addition to Garrity and TT Gunleather, Nate at UBG Holsters usually has a pretty quick turnaround. They all make excellent holsters. There's also the Mitch Rosen Express Line for certain gun models.

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Top Gun has a selection of leather holsters in stock, with their usual speedy shipping.

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Simply Rugged used to have a pretty quick turnaround. I have not ordered anything in a few years but I never waited more than a couple weeks.

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TT GUNLEATHER is running about two weeks. He builds a very nice leather holster for a reasonable price. He usually has some models in stock. Check his website.

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If you want something very decent AND inexpensive ($26), I recommend OutBags holsters. Free shipping also.

This would at least tide you over very nicely while you waited the 9 months or so.

I have one of their IWB and OWB leather holsters. Available directly via their website and some are available on Amazon.
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I have two good quality leather holsters: Mitch Rosen Full Detail, Full Belt Slide 5JR (OWB), and an Alessi Bodyguard shoulder rig. Longish wait times were stated for both, but each of them came in four weeks. Here’s the 5JR:

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My wife bought me an OWB leather holster with border stamping from D.M. Bullard for my birthday. It was ordered on May 22rd and I got it June 23rd. Pretty fast. I expected a much longer wait. I would add that the quality is excellent and I couldn't be happier.

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