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Arkansas – The Governor has signed SB 480 which ands a new section that states Arkansas is a Permitless Carry State. (Bill goes into effect late July) but that really doesn’t matter. They just clarified things. First in 2013 a law was passed that some said allowed Permitless Carry while other stated it didn’t. Then a blurb from a judge in a court case in 2018 stated it did. Then in 2019 an Arkansas House resolution stated for the record that the Law meant Arkansas was a Permitless Carry State. Finally they put it to rest with SB 480 but some are saying it might mess up their Enhanced Permits. It was actually settled with the judge saying a man was allowed to carry without a permit in 2018 but then we are talking about politicians!!!!! You can read the bill at:

Arkansas – The Governor has signed HB 1547 which adds a definition to Arkansas Law adding a definition of “loaded.” . (Bill goes into effect late July) It really doesn’t matter as AR is a Permitless Carry state but the way they define it is just a little different. Utah uses the same definition. For an auto loader there has to be a round in the chamber. In a revolver just leave the next cylinder that comes up when the trigger is pressed to be empty. Just can’t have one action of the firearm to make a bullet go down the barrel.

Nebraska – The Legislature has passed LB 77 Permitless Carry and sent it to the Governor. The Governor has stated he will sign it. It also looks like Nebraska Legislature will adjourn today with laws passed in Nebraska without a date take effect 3 Calendar months after passage. So it looks like it will be on or about July 19, 2023 it will take effect. More info on the exact date when it is published. https://www.nebraskalegislatur...8/PDF/Final/LB77.pdf

North Dakota – The Governor has signed HOUSE BILL NO. 1339 which makes North Dakota a Full Permitless Carry State Beginning August 1, 2023. Before this date North Dakota Permtless Carry only applied to Residents of North Dakota.

South Carolina - Still has a chance to get Permitless Carry. The House passed a Bill and then the Senate is working on their own bill but it hasn’t gotten any action for the last 3 weeks in the Senate. So it has a long way to go in South Carolina
HB 3594 -
SB 109¬op=Y

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Thanks for posting Gary. Our new Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders here in Arkansas is doing some great MAGA (Make Arkansas Great Again) work!


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