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Kentucky - There must be something in the water! Three states so far this year have passed permitless carry!!! Kentucky joined the club with the passage of SB 150 and other states are debating it and there could be more but I don’t think they are as likely to pass a bill. I didn’t think there would be three states this year to pass it either! Kentucky bills that pass without an effective date take effect 90 days after the legislature adjourns. Their scheduled date to adjourn is March 31 which would make on or about July 1 the effective date. If they adjourn sooner or later than the 31st the effective date would move.

Mississippi – The Governor has signed HB 1581 which added a definition of Court House and Court Room to their laws. There was confusion with those possessing a Mississippi Enhanced Permit and where they were allowed to carry when it came to Court Houses and Courtrooms. This put to rest some Judges and their definition of such. You can read the Bill at the link below.

South Dakota – The Governor has signed SB115 (Effective 7/1/19) which will allow those with an Enhanced Carry Permit to carry in the State Capitol Building with a few places inside the Capitol being off limits. The Bill states the person must have an enhanced permit issued in accordance with § 23-7-53. You have to inform the State Police if you are going to carry in the building. . You need to read the law if you plan on carrying in the SD Capitol. believes this will only apply to South Dakota Residents with the Enhanced Permit to legally carry in the Capitol Building. Those with regular/gold permits or carrying under Permitless Carry or non-residents with their states permit would not be able to legally carry in the Capitol.

South Dakota – The Governor has signed HB1056. (Effective 7/1/19) This bill put teeth into South Dakota’s Preemption law. They have added phrases like, “A court shall grant any person charged with a violation of an ordinance prohibited under this section reasonable costs, expenses, and attorney's fees” plus other phrases protecting us against rogue local governments like is happening in Pennsylvania with Pittsburgh at this time.

South Dakota – In SB47, the South Dakota Permitless Carry bill has one sentence that has hearing different takes on. At the end of the Bill it states:
Section 15. That chapter 23-7 be amended by adding a NEW SECTION to read: A person who is under the age of eighteen years of age may not carry a concealed pistol except in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

The wording states that those under 18 can’t carry except in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. It doesn’t state on their property or have any restrictions but only “In the Presence.” We have also heard that this was added as those in the legislature wanted to make sure those under 18 could not carry. believes this wording means on private property with the OK of a Parent or Legal Guardian present or having it in a holster while at a shooting range or even out target shooting and working from a holster. I had shooters under 18 at IDPA Shoots I use to SO and they had a holster exposed firearm on their hip. More than likely South Dakota will put out more info on this issue before the law takes effect but would appreciate any info anyone has on this. ) You can see SB47 here:

Delaware - Before Delaware will honor another state they have to honor DE along with other requirements. You can read them all at the link below. It is when they drop a state from their listing that they do it different than all other states. Their law requires that they give a 1 year notice before they remove a state from their listing. They keep the state listed for a year and put a date out from it when that states permit will no longer be honored if applicable. They usually update their listing in January but the last couple years it has been Feb and as of early this evening they have not updated the listing so it remains the same and that listing is the states Permit/Licenses they honor. If you wish to see their requirements and list of states they honor click on the link below and then click on “Concealed Carry Weapons Reciprocity.” The Listing opens on the same page. There is not a direct link to their listing. https://attorneygeneral.delawa...deadly-weapons-ccdw/

Below is a link to a document listing all the states that have Permitless Carry for all who can legally possess a firearm and some states who restrict it to their residents only. With so many states going Permitless Carry there needs to be a list of them and a little info about each one. I am putting it together with the hope of adding it to You can see a Draft of the document Here:

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