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So I was looking around for a quality P220R holster (that is also readily available) and couldn't find many options.

Also, I noted (during my search) that some sellers are jacking up prices too on classic holsters that are not sold any longer.

I was about to order a couple of holsters, but for some reason, I decided to try a couple of my existing holsters.

The P320F holsters work perfectly for the P220R/P226R!

I was happy to know that I have three holsters already that I don't need to buy, including a MS VM-2.

Whew! Anything that saves me $$$ is a good thing.

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100 views of this thread/OP thus far w/ NO replies, but I'm gonna say it...This is a BAD idea! There are some fundamental differences between these two pistols, that will VERY likely affect the fit and/or retention of the pistol in the holster, AND potentially the safety of doing so.

- The profile of the Trigger Guard is close, but not the same, AND the P220 Trigger Guard is narrower.
- The dimensions of the Slide are NOT the same, with the P220 Slide being narrower AND shorter!
- The dimensions of the Frame are NOT the same, the width the P220 Frame being narrower, AND the dust cover being MUCH shorter!
- The location of the Trigger (in the Trigger Guard) is NOT the same, AND profile/dimensions of the Trigger(s) are NOT the same either.

The P320 has been famously plagued with numerous instances of NDs (Negligent Discharges) where either something else was in the holster (in addition to the P320!), or the wrong holster was used. There was even an instance in Canada, where a holstered P320 discharged and it was determined that the holster in question was actually a holster for a SIG P226! Apparently holsters are NOT interchangeable, and in this specific case, the fit/retention of a P220 in a P320 holster would be less secure than intended by the holster manufacturer. You don't mention which holster, so we don't know the materials or the method of retention, but certainly in the case of a leather holster, it's also possible the fit/retention could get even sloppier over time, as it would 'break in' from use.

I strongly suggest you spend the money, and purchase a holster that is designed for the specific model of the P220 you intend to use w/ it.


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I agree with nhracecraft, you really should be making a holster that was designed to your specific firearm, even if it fits in the holster and retains, having extra space in the holster that gunk and grime or whatnot could get into isn't spectacular, and you really don't know if the retention is as good as you think it is. I know that JMCK offers holsters for the P220 even on their quick ship, so unless you're looking for a leather holster in particular, there's really no excuse not to.
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Originally posted by cnick6:
Anything that saves me $$$ is a good thing.

Not when it comes at the cost of your safety, or your handgun's security.

When it comes to holster fit, "good enough" isn't.

You spent hundreds of dollars on a nice P220R. Now spend just a little bit more on a decent holster that's actually made specifically for it.
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