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Hi All, I'm curious about the sights on the equinox and which IWB holsters are going to be a good fit. I'm leaning towards a hybrid holster, but I'm open to your thoughts.
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Garrett Silent Fusion - IWB and tuckable. I usually swap out the mounts and get the Comptac C-clips.

It has leather on all sides of the gun, but has a kydex shell on the outside of the exterior side.
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Crossbreed mini tuck - horse hide.

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D. M. Bullard Dual Carry if you like it canted to carry at 4 to 5 o'clock position.


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PJ Holsters make a super comfortable Kydex.

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I have the TT Gunleather, Mikes Special, for my 938. Buy once, cry once.
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+1 on Garrett Industies. I also really like the Black Arch Protos M.

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Check out VEDDER Kydex & Hybrid Holsters- Excellent Customer Service & Warranty-Quality CC Holsters
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I also prefer the PJHolster for a good deep concealment rig. I have one for my G26 and XDs9 and, man, they sure conceal nicely and ride comfortably. Compared to other options I've tried they offer about the most thorough deep concealment while still offering a quick and easy draw.

In addition to the deep concealment option I also really like how I can easily slip it on and off my belt for those annoying times when you can't carry in certain locations. It's really handy to slip it off, run inside and do my business, then slip it back on once I get into the car. The clip has held up well after several years of use, so no complaints here. Smile


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