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Domari Nolo
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Hi, all.

With the warmer weather approaching, it's time to turn thoughts to hiking outdoors. I typically carry a Glock 9mm pistol of some sort in the AIWB position, and would like to find a concealed carry solution for when hiking with a lumbar pack around my waist.

I have a nice quality Mountainsmith lumbar pack that I prefer to use when hiking. It holds a lot of stuff in a good weight-bearing location and keeps my back free to stay cooler than a backpack or sling pack. The only problem is I really cannot carry my pistol in the usual AIWB position since the lumbar pack's belt goes over my pants/shorts belt and over my untucked shirt. Thus, it would really lock in my pistol for very slow access and would be quite uncomfortable. As a result I typically resort to carrying a J-Frame in my front right pocket.

I think I could easily attach an AOWB (appendix outside the waistband) holster to the lumbar pack's belt up front, but that is no longer concealed. I was wondering if any of the forum members who hike with a lumbar pack may have some suggestions as to how to discreetly carry a G19 AOWB in some disguised way. Thanks for your time!


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I know you want to go appendix, but I would suggest a chest rig. Many of them will conceal under a light shirt (warm weather) and under a jacket for cooler weather. I use the GunfightersINC chest rig.The chest rig will work well with pack waist belts and shoulder straps too.

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I too struggle with a good concealed carry option when hiking.
All my packs have waist belts so belt carry is not a great option. I bought a few of those kydex trigger guard covers and then attached them to the pack with a length of paracord. This way I can have a pistol within reach in a side pocket but still have the trigger safely covered and deployment is relatively quick still.
Another option is a chest pack or sling pack with a pocket to carry a pistol. I have one from Hill People and use it with one of those trigger guard covers again. You can also velcro in a holster if you choose.
I use the chest packs when out riding the dirt bike too. keeps my snacks, phone, tools, first aid, and a pistol all at the ready.

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YooperSigs and RyanP225 nailed it. Chest rig is the way to go if it must be concealed. Putting the pack out front on your chest gives you immediate access to your gun and anything else you stick in there like maps, snacks, fishing gear, phone/camera, etc.

I went down this road a while back and ended up with a couple of HPG bags that I use regularly for all sorts of stuff. It'll get some weird looks if you wear it in town, but on the trail most people don't pay any attention. Anyone who does is typically a gear person, and I've gotten a few questions and compliments but no unwanted attention. Here's a thread with some of the info from my search, and a lot of good input from other members.

If you don't want to deal with stuff on your chest, and prefer your lumbar rig, there might be a way to attach a small fanny pack to the front of it to provide a discreet place to stash your gun and other stuff you want immediate access to. Does the waist belt have molle loops? If so, that makes adding stuff a lot easier.
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Domari Nolo
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Thank you for these ideas! Your suggestions led me to the Wilderness Safepacker which may just do what I need. Thanks again.

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If you carrying to protect against both two and four legged aggressors.

Please consider keeping the gun holster off of the pack or it's straps.

On your body is much better in the event you have to jettison your pack to either jog, run, swim or climb to avoid something or someone.

A bear will stay with the pack ,more often than not,
Unless you carry a bag of oreo's in your hip pocket.

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