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West Virginia – The Governor has signed SB 10 Campus Carry Act. The law does not take effect until July 1, 2024. A Permit WV issues or honors will be required to carry on campus. Even though West Virginia is a Permitless Carry State they do not honor all other states permit/licenses. No Open Carry or Permitless Carry allowed. 21 for those with a permit West Virginia honors. 18 for WV Residents with a Permit.

West Virginia –SB 128 which covers the Emergency Powers of the Governor/State Government became law without the Governors Signature. They can’t stop the carrying/transport of firearms/parts/reloading components etc doing a declared emergency. The law takes effect in about 90 days.

West Virginia – SB 608 updated the definitions of Deadly weapons by adding that Pepper Spray is not a dangerous weapon when used for defensive purposed for those 16 or older.

Ohio – Not Effective until about 4/4/2023, The Governor let SB 185 become law without his signature. This is their Declared Emergency Statute and no government authority in the state can interfere with the sale/carrying etc of firearms doing an emergency. The part covering this is at the bottom of the Bill.

New Mexico - Effective June 16, 2023 HB 9 signed by the Governor will make it a crime if a minor gains access to a firearm that was not securely stored and brandishes the gun or uses the firearm to injure himself or another. You can read the bill at:

North Carolina – The North Carolina Legislature has overridden a veto by the Governor of SB 41. This bill allows for the carrying of firearms on Church property that has a school. It becomes effective Dec. 1, 2023. There are stipulations that you should read concerning this bill. The Bill also repealed the law on Purchase Permits. They will no longer be required and that part is effective immediately.

Hawaii – Things in Hawaii are different than all other states. Permits are issued by county and only valid in that county. That county can also make ordinances concerning issuing even making a list of what they call Sensitive Places as Off Limits. Well Honolulu which includes the Island of Oʻahu has passed Bill 57 (Effective May 1, 2023) which lists places that will be off limits to those with a Permit to Carry issued by Honolulu. The Mayor has stated he will sign it. The State is also working on a listing of places it wants off limits to those who carry. You can read Honolulu Bill 57 at:

You can read the State of Hawaii HB 984 that has not passed yet but this bill if passed would apply to all of Hawaii. It has numerous places listed as so called Sensitive Places!

Florida - It looks like Florida may have Permitless Concealed Carry but Not 100% sure yet. You can follow the bill at

These changes will be added to their respective pages at when they become effective.

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Gary Slider
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