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Well, finally after a 20 week wait, my rig has arrived. I got the Cheyenne holster with a 2 1/2" money belt.

They advertise a 12-16 week wait and at 16 weeks I called. "We're just dying it now and it'll be out next week". OK fine. Two weeks later I call. "Its due to ship out today". OK fine. Yesterday I called and it had finally been shipped on Monday.

First, I don't like being lied to. If it's running late? Fine, just tell me that. Don't lie to me. Twice.

Second, I'm not happy with the belt. The loops are nearly 2" off center which places the holster over the right side loops, and they are sewn in at an angle (however slight, it's noticeable to me) rather than straight up and down.

Sheesh, this outfit is supposed to be the best of the best. Crappy customer service and shoddy work is my experience. I just fired off an email with the complaints, so we'll see how they respond. I'll probably have to wait another 20 weeks for another belt. Roll Eyes

Some pics.

I do like the holster though, so there's that. Razz

ETA: Yeah, OK...I'm a dumbass. Belt was backwards, so with the holster on the other side the offset loops actually work. Still ticked off about the angled sewing though. We'll see if they respond as I would like a replacement that's done right.

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I’ve been to their shop quite a few times while I was working a job in Texas. Absolutely awesome people. Bought a couple of their holsters for my 1911’s.

I hope they take care of you.
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