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Kansas – Effective July 1, 2023. The Governor has signed SB 116 which cut the price of a Kansas Carry Permit from $132.50 to just $32.50 and on renewal only a fee for Fingerprints will be charged. The State just cut out their $100 dollar charge and just left the $32.50 for the Sheriff. The Sheriff takes in application and paperwork and then sends it on to the State.

Nebraska - Governor has signed LB 77 making Nebraska a Permitless Carry State. The law goes into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns. At this time it looks like that will be around September 10. That makes it look like Florida July 1, North Dakota August 1 and Nebraska September 10. That will make 28 states with Permitless Carry.

Montana - The Governor has signed HB 674 which gives Montana 2 different permits. They always issued to those 18 or older and a few states would not honor their permit for that reason. So they will now issue a Restricted Enhanced permit to those 18 -20. Same requirements as the Regular Enhanced and they can convert the Restricted to and unrestricted when they turn 21 at no charge. You can read the bill at

The Permitless Carry Document has been updated with FL and NE added to the listing. ND is already listed as it is Limited Permitless Carry at this time. The Map will be updated on that Document when the states laws goes into effect. To many people just look at a map and don’t read. I have already had 2 questions on why the map has not been updated on that document. – I want to thank all those who give me a heads up on law changes. It is very much appreciated. I do see most of them as they make the News I scan all the time. It is the little changes that are hardest to see as they don’t get the Press that the bigger changes get. But send along anything you think would be of interest to as one set of eyes can’t see everything. Thank you, Gary and Steve

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Thanks for your efforts!

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Good write up, thank you.
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