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Washington/Oklahoma - Washington State no longer honors Oklahoma. They are stating that Oklahoma issues to those under 21 so they will no longer honor them.

Corps of Engineers – Well the fix put forth by the Corps for legally carrying on Corps property has been withdrawn. All I know is what they posted on their site. Thing is nothing is going to change concerning Corps property at this time.

Colorado - The Governor has signed SB 21-256 which guts their preemption law. This new law allows local authorities to make laws more strict than state laws on firearms and their accessories. Saw a story where Denver was looking at banning AR’s. Looks like it is effective immediately.

Texas Permitless Carry – Not Effective until September 1, 2021. . . The GOA has put out a 2 page FAQ on the new statute. That FAQ also has a link to a free download from US LawShield that is really good at answering a lot of questions about the new law.
US LawShield has put out a very good explanation of the new Texas law. It is free but you have to sign up to get it sent to your email account. Then you will get emails from them but you can unsubscribe at any time. I believe it is worth it.

I am in the process of updating just about every document on There are many statute changes in a number of state come July 1. Site will not be updated until July 1 due to the number of changes and the time it takes to get it all done.

Been looking at the firearm statutes for a long time and the more they pass the more complicated they get. It is way beyond the point that no one can know them all and with the way government is going anyone can be arrested. It is impossible to stay within all the laws as written. So we technically are all Law Breakers! Below are all good bills that make it better for us who wish to own and carry firearms but make things more and more complicated.

Texas Bills that have passed.

HB1920 Airport Carry

HB1927 Constitutional Carry

HB1387 Foster Care Storage

HB957 Firearm Suppressor

SB313 No sales tax on firearm safety devices.

HB29 Firearm storage for public gun free zones

HB2675 & HB918 18-21 LTC if they have a protective order against someone, or considered at risk. Basically the same, but minor differences.

HB781 & SB741 Allow marshals to carry on campus.

HB4346 Allows one to carry and use on an Easement.

HB2112 & SB550 Allow one to open carry using ANY type of Holster. (HB1927 also changed this)

HB2622 Our version of the 2A Sanctuary state bill.

HB1500 Prevents State Governor or local government from issuing bans etc. on firearms and firearm businesses during a state or federal emergency.

SB 19 prohibit state contracts with companies that discriminate against the firearm or ammunition industries.

SB20 Hotel Carry

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