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Montana – Effective 1/1/21 Voters passed 2nd Amendment Protection when it comes to Preemption. Local Government did have the ability to ban Concealed Carry in their buildings etc. They passed a bill to change that but for reasons I don’t understand it went to the voters to approve it. They did on election day passing LR-130 which you can read and see the changes at the link below.

I have completed a major review and update of the Tribal Gun Laws Document. I have made numerous updates to some of the entries and finding that a few Tribes have made new websites and haven’t put their ordinances back online as of today. There were too many entries updated to list them all as I usually do at the bottom of each document. The file was getting to big so I have also broken it into 2 parts. There is a link at the top and bottom of each document to the other part. The Link at will take you to the first part which will then have a link to take you to the 2nd part.

Tooting horn with this article written by Massad Ayoob titled, “Concealed Carry And Traveling Armed.” He wrote it for Guns Digest for their November 2017 Issue. It is a good read on why you should know the laws before you travel and gives a very valid point on how things change and can get you in deep trouble. He has always recommended as the go to site for up to date information. I have to say I might be bias a little, well maybe a lot on that point.

Things are kind of slow right now on law changes. With the way things are going it looks like 2021 and onward my be a lot different than the last 4 years. Let us hope not! wants to wish each and every one of you a “Very Merry Christmas!”

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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It's all part of
the adventure...
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Sir, thanks for keeping us advised of these changes regularly. It pays to know the rules when traveling!

Regards From Sunny Tucson,


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Having taught in the San Carlos Aoache, Navajo, ToHo, and Pima I appreciate your work very much.

Scouts Out
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