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Looking for a concealment holster to carry my SIG P225A1.

Had tried Wild Bill Concealment's paddle and they sent the wrong holster. Been 8 months and they still have not made it right.

Bought a Tucker Paddle that is excellent (with outstanding customer service) but being a belt holster I have to watch what I wear for optimum concealment.

Saw a video and read some reviews on the Brave Response Appendix Holster and decided it was worth a try. Ordered and about a week later it was in my mail box.

Key points ...

1) Unbelievably comfortable. Can sit, stand, walk or jog and it stays in place.
2) Unlike other holsters, it is not dependent on having a belt so you can wear it with shorts, sweatpants, PJs or butt "nekkid" if you wish.
3) Cool thing is that it fits multiple handguns. I wore it today with my SIG P225 and then later with my S&W 637PC.

Literally can forget you have it on. It allows for easy draw and is easy to re-holster. Gun is very secure. Holster has a vertical cant and a pouch for a mag or speed strip pouch that you could also use for a folding knife or light. No “printing” whether one carries appendix, 1 o’clock or down to 5 o’clock.

When I can wear a holster concealed (not a fan of open carry) on my belt, I do. But for those times when I want to wear a pair of shorts, sweats or wear my PJs to Walmart (just kidding) this is a great holster.
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Glad to hear it's working for you.
It may be the best holster ever but I can't help to laugh at the bs names and slogans these companies come up with. Do they not realize they sound like a cheap gimmick? Reminds me of the company that says their holster is "silent as the footsteps of a navy seal".
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Prince of Cats
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I prefer a rigid holster. I train quite a bit and that wouldn't work in a class.

Glad you found something that works for you.

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