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Got a medium build and want a comfortable IWB. Have a couple of Kydex and when I sit they poke me in an annoying way. Do want the gun to remain in place if I bend over. Any recommendations for a leather IWB or mixed leather / Kydex that would fit my search?

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I've got Kydex IWB holsters from PJ Holster for my Walther PPS M2 and my Springfield EMP3.

I haven't carried the EMP3, yet, because I'm still breaking it in and qualifying it for functionality, but my PPS M2, which is nearly the same size in every dimension, carries very comfortably.

I tend to like leather, but that Kydex IWB holster has been surprisingly comfortable.

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The Black Arch Protos-M. It's a hybrid holster. The kydex portion wraps around the trigger guard and provides retention, unlike other hybrids that rely on the body pushing the holster against the belt.
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I'm absolutely sold on VM2, or VM2 clones.

I've driven 10+ hours before in total comfort with one on.

On occasion I'll carry my P220. The VM2 makes it easy and comfortable.

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I carry a full-size 1911 almost exclusively these days, and most often in an IWB holster. My personal favorites are the leather Summer Special as offered by Milt Sparks and Bruce Nelson Combat Leather (Erik Little’s recent revival of the BNCL line) and Little’s Rafter-L Combat Leather. I’m sure there are other makers who craft a similar holster, and there is also the Summer Special 2 variant from Milt Sparks (offering a lower-ride and a body / sweat-shield).

Some of these (the Sparks SS and the BNCL) are single-loop designs. For me, they do tend to shift a bit on the belt over time during the day, depending on how that loop is backed-up against a pants belt loop or not, in turn depending on where the belt loops are on the pants I’m wearing. The Rafter-L’s double-loop setup is spaced such that the loops can straddle a belt loop and hold the holster in the same exact spot better.

While I prefer the overall higher-ride, forward-cant, and generally reduced profile of the holsters listed above, I would say that the Sparks VM-2 mentioned by Snake207 is less likely to move at all on the belt over the course of the day.

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You might also look at Crossbreed. They are a hybrid of kydex & leather. I find the Supertuck extremely comfortable to wear all day for any firearm I happen to be carrying that day. Including a 1911, a Beretta 92 compact or a M&P 2.0 compact.

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Summer Special from Sparks or the Galco clone of it works for me!

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Without a doubt, the most comfortable IWB ever is the Brommeland MaxCon V. You will need to wait as he is a one man shop, but it will ruin you for any other design.

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