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Same here. I started with YouTube videos, then later broke out the CDs. Finally decided I wanted to commiserate with fellow Parrotheads so I dialed in Margaritaville Radio. Earlier today they played the inaugural episode of Margaritaville Radio from '98, when Buffett himself played DJ for the first hour playing some of his favorite tunes from other artists.

At the time of this post they are re-playing a concert in Key West he held for the locals earlier this year. The first hour of the concert was the entirety of White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean, but the band is currently winding through a mix of classics and some of the lesser known songs, and he is doing his usual stellar job of telling the back stories to his life and to his songs.
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I was stationed aboard the USS America and Jimmy agreed to do a concert on board. We were on our way back from a Med Cruise and the Libya incident.

Apparently he agreed to do it if he got to ride in an F-14. It was Jimmy, his guitar and a Chief Petty Officer who grabbed his bass and joined in. It was one of my favorite concerts.

Jimmy could write and sing. But he was outstanding at live shows because his stories would seamlessly lead into the next song. His stories were as good as his songs.

Yeah, I used to have a couple of guns.
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