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I did a search and didn't see any posts on this absolutely awesome Australian crime series about a professional criminal trying to balance his extraordinary talent for violence with a decent personal life. The tone of the series reminds me of classic hard-boiled crime fiction where the professional criminal protagonist -- while able to become ultra violent at the flick of a switch -- nonetheless has a strict moral code. Think the Richard Stark "Parker" series or James Cann in the film "The Killer Elite."

There are four seasons, with each episode clocking in at around a half hour. While there are season-length and series-length arcs, each episode has an ending of sorts, like a short story. There are some awesome gunplay set pieces, as well.

Really, you guys should check this out.
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This series was highly recommended by a friend of mine, as well, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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Thank you
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Been watching it since it started, recommend turning on CC if you don't hear well LOL picking up what they are saying can be a chore at times.

This years been a bit odd, but for the most part it's good

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I enjoy it. Some episodes/endings are just eh, but it is this play that the show is about his life. Days of shooting up the opposition and then other boring days of just average life. This is kind of what this story line is about and what keeps me watching. It is entertaining.

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