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Good movie and the actors/acting was superb. Kinda slow starting and I was afraid it would be like a Costner movie (don't like him, don't like his movies, saw Silverado once and nearly
quit on it because of him/his character).

But it was well worth the 7 bucks. Far better than, IMO, Open Range (I watched it for Duvall, not Costner. Duvall is one of my favorite actors).

Old Henry is, IMO, one of the best recent westerns I've seen. Actually, since I could only think of Appaloosa and Open Range in that category, Old Henry is THE best of them.

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I liked it, and once I figured out what was going on I liked it even more. It left me wanting more, and that's my mark for a good movie.


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I also liked it, I wouldn't call it great. A couple of scenes felt forced, like the "Boss Fight" a bit odd. I was entertained though, worth the $4.99

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I was disappointed. After an interesting start, it slogged it's way to cascade of cliches from the challenges of a disrespectful teenage kid, to the pulling out the bullet scene, to the old gunfighter taking on eight or ten badguys "mano on mano" alone and up close. Then of course, not only do all these bad guys fail to drop him (allowing the heroic old guy to get back inside the cabin), somehow he manages to sneak outside and take them on with knives and an axe. Roll Eyes

Cheap production values aside (like using a cross bolt equipped Winchester Model 94 for a couple scenes), I was glad that I didn't pay to see this in a theater, but it was probably "straight to video" anyway. No, even for the five bucks or so I paid, it wasn't worth it. Far too cheesy.

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Thought it was phenomenal. Best western I've seen in years.

Beautifully filmed. Acting was great. Definitely a throwback to older westerns. I wish they made more lie this.

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Wow these reviews are all over the place. Lol
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Looks like I'm going have to rent it on Prime - not in any theatres around here. Frown
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I enjoyed it!

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I read this and literally laughed out loud. I was thinking the same thing!

Originally posted by pedropcola:
Wow these reviews are all over the place. Lol
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I just watched it and my summary is:

Decent but unfortunately the writing left it in a place where it should have been a Sunday Night Movie.


I mean, Nelson(?) does a great job, as do all the actors. The boy is okay, but his part is all wrong, IMO. There's no emotional hook because of how he treats his father. It was hard for me to believe that this man raised this child, and it felt like the boy was a walk-on for the family, at least that's how he was written. Contempt for his father in a world where he honestly wouldn't have known any better. PLUS, he would have spent the last 10 years with his father alone.

The writing for that relationship was shit.

Which is too bad. The movie would have been better had they spent a little more time writing a real relationship instead of trying to create drama early on but having him back-talk his pappy.

Some real missed cinematography opportunities too. Some great shots and some shots that they really goofed on because they cut away too quickly.

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Figured out who he was right from the beginning. Entertaining movie none the less. Every time I see Nelson all I can think of are gophers on a stick.
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is circumspective
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Watched it last night for three bucks. I liked it.

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