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Two shows on this guy-
Capturing the Killer Nurse
The Good Nurse
The guy was as ruthless and evil as any killer. Worth watching if you're into these.
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We watched “The Good Nurse,” and it was a good movie. That’s probably enough, not likely to watch the documentary too.

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I enjoyed this documentary as well! I would also encourage you to look up the story of Michael Swango. I talked with one of the detectives that worked that case at a symposium once and he was pretty bad as well. Killed without conscious, potentially hundreds of people. Also randomly injected people randomly with AIDS infected blood when he worked as a doctor in Africa. Definitely some major sickos!

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Watched the documentary last night.
Very well done and I probably won’t watch the movie.
He couldn’t have done it without the actions of the hospital and someone there should also be looking at a jail sentence. Maybe they had to make some deals to get the evidence and testimony against him.

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Watched the documentary last night and Have the Movie que'd for tonight. Great Presentation and peek into the minds of the sick.
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