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Anyone else?

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Yeah, we have watched it. I am intrigued and will continue to watch. It is a little heavy-handed with the "big, bad overbearing, prejudiced against the small-time cop FBI agent" trope, but what isn't that virtually required in this storyline?

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Made it about twenty minutes. Predictable and heavy handed, production values sorely lacking. How do you make Monument Valley look so pedestrian?

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I just watched the first episode on Amazon

I am intrigued and liked it but now I have to find a way to stream AMC+

I am researching to see if I can view it through Amazon Prime or do I have to pay extra for it.

It fits to what I am used to experiencing and seeing. Not so much on the Reservation but in real life. Local PD vs the FBI attitudes.

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A few of the Army CID agents I had to work with were like that also. (The Naval agents were awesome to work with).
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I watched it. It seemed OK, so I'll give it some time.

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Seems to be a blend of Hillermans books. Will continue to watch it but seems hokey in a lot of places. Chee was never an FBI IIRC but was a hard core Navajo with medicine man leanings which he seems to deny so far in the movie. And the Sergeant with no Sergeant stripes? Probably the issues may be because Robert Redford is involved, Executive Producer.

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