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Anyone watched, or looking forward to watching, this? I believe it's on MGM's streamer, EPIX.

Maybe it hasn't hit the service yet.

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The book was good.
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Came across this video clip by the same title, so I would assume that there is a book, a documentary, and a TV show or mini-series all by the same title.

Local library had the documentary so I watched that this weekend. It's a 3 episode (1 hour long each) documentary, based on two sources of material. The first source was known as "The War Diary", which was maintained and kept secure in a SAS vault, written by SAS members, essentially detailing their orders, missions/ operations, results, and casualties. The War Diary is kept in a leather binder captured from the Germans during a WW II SAS mission and bears NAZI markings.

The second source of material is from interviews. Although long since passed when this documentary was released in 2017, a handful of the original members of SAS, including the originator of the SAS concept, David Stirling, had been interviewed in 1987, and those interviews are included in this documentary. There is one member who is 96 years old at the time of this documentary, and it's not clear whether he is still alive.

A few of the "re-enactments" including the narrator are a bit overly dramatic, maybe even a tad cheesy, but several still included vehicle types the SAS used in WW II that were interesting to see being driven...but the archival photos and short actual war film clips, along with commentary from the actual original members more than makes up for the short cheesy re-enactment moments.

The documentary covers the period from the SAS inception in WW II, their campaigns in Africa, Sicily, and D-Day France to discovering the Belsen Concentration Camp, to its disbandment shortly after the war.

The experiences and comments from the original members range from wry and funny, to heartbreaking, especially when they describe some of the civilian casualties they encountered, the concentration camp prisoners, as well as several instances when they had to leave dead or dying camrades or allies behind in order to complete their missions. Both their successes and failures are mentioned, and the stories of what lengths Stirling went to to even get SAS created and expanded into a regiment alone make the documentary worthwhile.

Luckily, another forum thread had recently mentioned that The Desert Fox was free on YouTube and I just finished watching that, and Rommel's actions in Africa loosely dovetail into the SAS Africa operations. If I can find the time I may re-watch this documentary, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the SAS, or in WW II history.

This clip is not from the documentary, but thought I'd include it in the post as a sample from the TV show or mini-series (??)

@ 3 minute

Edited: in double-checking apparently the titles mentioned are similar but different. The documentary that I mentioned watching is called SAS Rogue Warriors.

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I've been watching this on Epix and the first two episodes are available to viewers. So far, I like it. Interesting characters, good production values.

"I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get around in places where it's spoken."
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Originally posted by pulicords:
I've been watching this on Epix and the first two episodes are available to viewers. So far, I like it. Interesting characters, good production values.


watched the first 2 last night

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Thanks for posting! I hadn’t heard of this. Just the kind of series I like!
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Is there any basis in fact that Paddy Mayne was a homosexual and the head of British Intelligence in Cairo was a transvestite/transgender?

I'm not bringing woke into this thread, the show itself does that. I've not seen evidence of the above in the various publications I've read that deal with the history of the SAS.

Also, Paddy's assault on a superior officer as depicted in the series is, by other accounts, false. Apparently in real life the offending dude was a major who disliked Paddy as much as Paddy disliked him and shot Paddy's dog while Paddy was on a mission and revenge was taken upon his return. Nothing whatsoever to do with Paddy protecting the honor of his "boyfriend".

As Critical Drinker would say... "Fuck off, show!"

From a historical perspective, this show looks about as accurate to the lives and actions of these SAS founders as "Crimson Tide" was to SSBN operational life (Yeah, no fish tanks, dancing in berthing, etc.). Which is a shame because the true story is fantastic enough to tell on its own merits and not be embellished with bullshit from the man-children and feminazis of Hollyweird.

I'd be interested to read tac's review of this series as he's probably the one best qualified to give an opinion regarding how true it is to actual people and events.

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