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A buddy at work bought an Anderson upper and lower years ago and they just sat on a shelf.

I had the PSA upper with a Faxon barrel that I wasn't going to use and sold it to him a few months ago.
With the fresh round of BS I told him to get on it and get parts before they went poof again.
I had enough left overs so all he had to pick up was a buffer tube, spring and buffer, Minor LPK, a BCG and charging handle.
All in for about $475 on his end, not too shabby.

PSA upper and handguard, Faxon 16" mid length gas, .223 Wylde with a BRT gas tube and Strike Cloak flash hider.
Toolcraft C158 BCG with a BCM extractor spring and regular CH with some poly BUIS wraps up the upper.

Anderson lower, CMMG LPK, BCM PNT trigger with an A5 tube, JP spring and A5H2 buffer.
Magpul Moe grip and stock.
5.6 lbs.

Everything specs out, should be a runner.
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Page late and a dollar short
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2017 I had some Cabela’s points to burn. Anderson stripped lowers were on sale, net result a free one.

Put it away with no real plans but two years ago ordered Brownell’s Retro furniture in brown. Got that and again kind of forgot about it.

This year got serious with all that is going on in the AR world. Bought a PSA 16”rifle length has upper and a Toolcraft bolt. Went with another CMMG LPK like my first one had. LuthAR buffer tube.

Went looking for a carry handle and or a duck bill flash hider and while not finding those came home with a CMMG .22LR conversion kit instead.

So at this point about 750, another hundred or so for the carry handle and the hider, and good to,go.

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I have a free AR sitting in my safe. It was built from take-off parts. These are parts from other people's guns that I upgraded to their specs. Part of the deal is I get to keep the discarded parts. Now I have a Franken-gun. A1 upper, A2 stock, blemished Anderson lower, M4 carbine handguard, Govt. profile barrel, standard grip, no name BCG, garden variety FCG, birdcage flash hider etc. Everything harvested from the parts tub. Funny, it's Jr darthfuster #4's favorite gun.

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