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I just picked up my fourth Marlin 336 since February. It is a 336, straight stock (Texan style), 30-30 made in 1980. Out of these last four Marlins, three of them are straight “Texas” style and one of these three has a brass saddle ring.

It had a strange trip to my house. It arrived at my dealer from another one out east, without the front sight attached as well as the rear sight elevator detached. The sight parts were in a plastic bag, loose in the shipping box.

After a month long trip to the gunsmith, all is well, and I picked it up yesterday. No one at either end of the journey admits dropping the gun but that is what I think happened. My dealer who is part of the same company, treated me great, paid to have the gun repaired and checked out, and even gave me a nice discount.

I just checked it over and I am really glad I did not walk away from this one. I think it has the smoothest and lightest trigger of any of my Marlins (about 2 1/2 to 3# with my Wheeler gage). It feeds an A-Zoom snap cap like silk. The only blemishes I saw were two small pock marks on the rear stock and a tiny bit of surface oxidation. on the left side of the receiver and barrel (can hardly see it and if the selling dealer had not mentioned it, I may not have noticed it).

I have really warmed up to these straight stock Marlins and wished I would have done so when they were a little cheaper.

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Very nice!

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I don't even shoot my lever guns all that much and they are nearly my favorite guns. Your rifle is beautiful. Very nice pickup on your part.
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Nice score! I have a much older 336 in .35 REM and a 1895 SS Scout in .45/70 which also has the straight stock. Keep them. They only seem to go up in value.
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Beautiful Marlin and a nice score! For some reason, I've always ended up with straight-stocked Marlin leverguns. All three of my 1894s, my 1895, and my 336 are straight stocked...only the 39a has the pistol grip. I like the trimmer profile and lighter contributes to the overall handiness of the platform.

My 336RC I got from a buddy. It's from 1952, the second year for the Texan, IIRC. It's a beautiful gun, with an unmolested waffle-top receiver. I don't shoot it much as I tend to put in more range time with the pistol caliber guns than I do the .30-30, and frankly it's appreciated too much in value to make me feel comfortable knocking it around in the woods...but when I do take it to the range I'm always impressed by how smooth and mechanically precise the action is compared to my other Marlins. It doesn't shoot any better than they do, but it's a work of art.
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That’s a nice one! I love lever guns. Got a few marlins in 30-30 and A 357 and 44. Lately I’ve bought a couple of Henry’s. 44 and 357. I really like those as well but not quite as much as my pre-safety marlins.

I also have an unfired Winchester 94 in 30-30 made in the sixties if I Recall correctly.


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