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I had a couple of mini’s back in the 90’s and my expectations were just too high also I think in the back of my mind I’d compare them to the AR, and even then, before all the cool AR accessories (2-stage triggers, adjustable gas blocks etc) … in my mind there was just no reason to own one.
Fast forward 30+ years and I got the itch for one, and found a stainless 180 Ranch Rifle with a stainless folding Choate stock and knowing its accuracy limitations, the price was right and it checked all the boxes that were important to me, so it followed me home.
When I got it out and shot it at a friend’s farm … it was about 100 yards and 62grain SilverBear, I was able to keep my unsupported shots inside a 12” target, it was far from MOA but was MOM (Minute of Man) and that was good enough for my purposes.

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My 195 series with the Choate and Accu-strut (SOCOM). It came with rings so I'll have to remind myself how it shoots soon.

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Is the accuracy of the newer guns as bad as they say?

How reliable are they?

How effective would they be in a SHTF role?

The accuracy of the older ones is as bad as they say. The newer ones are decent, as long as you're not expecting benchrest performance. Older ones (without "help" Wink) , about 4-6 moa, newer ones, at least last I checked, expect about twice as good at 2-3 moa, but sometimes gets down around 1.5. Not stellar, but for closer range defense completely serviceable.

They are very reliable, stemming from the simplicity of the cycling system. Self-cleaning and robust.

I personally chose the Mini over the AR platform for SHTF scenarios. I just equated simplicity with reliability.

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I have owned several over the years and have one now serving as the back of the house gun. They are tough and reliable with factory mags. As has been noted here earlier they are not a match rifle. In olden times I used an AC556K, stainless with stainless folding stock single, 3 shot, and full switch. Handy and reliable.
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I have several. One was my HD gun for a while. I can hit a paper plate at 100 yards and that's good enough for me. To someone not used to an AR, the manual or arms of the mini is easier.


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The poor mans assault rifle is NO more. At $400 ish they were a bargain way back when. At close to 1K a big thumbs down no matter what improvements ruger has made. If you can get one cheap then god bless, otherwise hard pass at sticker price...LOL
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Yeah, I paid $600 for mine back in the early 2010s, lightly used, with a bunch of ammo and several extra mags.

While I like it, no way I'd pay retail for one today.
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It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but here's an Auto Ordnance M1 carbine NIB for $1,068. Ships free.
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