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Who has the 716I Tread .308?
How do you like it?
What is your sighting system?

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I had the original 716, and was very happy with it. My only negative was it was heavy, and the new ones are much lighter. I also think the Tread looks better! I had a Vortex Strike Eagle on it, no issues.

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I have the 716i with a SIG BDX scope. The gun is terrific but the trigger was terrible and needed to be replaced. The scope came with the gun and is adequate for my purposes (shooting paper and steel out to 300 yards).

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I have a 716i Tread and put a Vortex 1-8 on it. Next summer I plan to get a little more serious about glass, so for now it got what I had. Shoots great.

(I didn’t like the trigger either and dropped a QMS in it for now.)

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The Quiet Man
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Love mine after a couple of minor changes. Replaced the trigger (which was a standard USGI type AR trigger and thus adequate at best) with a CMC drop in unit. It currently has a Burris 1-6x on it and deserves better. I also replaced the buttstock with an ACS I had here already. Mine came with a Magpul SL-K stock that was just way too small for a big heavy rifle. Looked and felt weird.
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