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Get on the fifty!
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Went out last night to get some hogs. Friend of mine has access to a little under 800 acres and the pigs are out of control there. It's all new to me but it was a great excuse to finally use my night vision and IR to do something besides punch holes in paper. Learned a lot, one is I want an ambi safety for the AR. Having pigs growling and roaring while thick in the brush and being a little lost is something else. I can understand why people long ago just said welp, there must be monsters. Got one with an IR laser shot from about 40 yards. 1 round of 77gr Razorcore and it dropped. Tough animals. Can't wait to go do it again!

The rifle:

The spoils:

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Heck yeah. You may consider sharing your NVG experiences in the NVG thread, in an effort to consolidate in one reference thread. Nice rifle; where's the silencer? Is there a reason you didn't use one? What's the circumstance that prompted the desire for an ambi safety? There's some substance here; I hope you can elaborate.
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One hog ain't doing your part to fix an out of control hog problem. C'mon man! Big Grin


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