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Originally posted by IndianaBoy:
Originally posted by Dwill104:
Originally posted by cas:

I like it. Looks like it would be good for intergalactic battles with hostile aliens.

It would be great if the Carmal you can buy actually looked like that, but that’s the military version. The US version has been 922r’d up with a longer ugly handguard and AR grip.

I actually prefer the longer handguard. And the ability to swap grips.

I don’t. The moment they offer one that looks like the version posted on top I’m ordering it. (If that happens and I hope it does)

That bottom version looks like every other piston AR/HK416 variant with a slightly tweaked lower and is hardly special or exciting in my eyes.

Why not stand out in a sea of clones and be different? Yeah sure it’s purely an aesthetic critique but why tease us only to bore us with the production example?

It’s like when a car manufacturer teases a beautiful concept then the bean counters and fun sucking committee gets to make alterations. It ends up looking nothing like the concept and it turns people off.


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I don’t think you’ll ever see IWI release that original configuration since they would have to redesign the upper receiver part. How the forend system attaches to the upper is different between the OG and US guns, as is the front of the top rail. I don’t picture IWI redesigning the upper.
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Now as low as $1,399 on gunbroker.

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