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I started shooting skeet last fall and l love it. I usually shoot 16-21 birds, but struggle with my mixed eye dominance issues. Tried closing my left eye, but that just makes you half blind. Tried closing it right before I pull the trigger, no joy. So I have spent the last 5 months shooting with a piece of tape strategically placed on my left lens to give me some peripheral vision, but keep my dominant left eye from seeing the bead.

This was the best fix I could find, but it’s aggravating as hell on the skeet field, and a down right handicap shooting sporting clays.

So today I decided to try shooting lefty. Some friends and I tried shooting 5 stand today for the second time. First round I shot right handed and hit 5 birds. Next round shot lefty and hit 15! The blind spot was gone, the double vision was gone, and I felt like I just went from looking at a 12” black and white to a 65” big screen!

It’s going to take a boat load of practice, but I’ve decided to commit to the change. I know it will be like starting over, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

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Welcome to the dark side.
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Yeah I don’t know why anyone would try to force themselves to shoot cross dominant with a long gun.

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I'm convinced my son should have been LH. My Dad was and both brothers are LH. Lots of it in the family. He's RH, but hits baseballs LH, rides skateboard like a LH (er footed), even writes like a lefty (which is very strange). So I made sure he shoots rifles like a lefty. He's emigrating to Israel to join the IDF, so we're getting in trigger time. He does shoot pistols RH, but with his head craned over.
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