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I am looking at one in 45 long colt to pair with my freedom arms model 97 in 45lc.

I plan on shooting it with my form 1 can, and using it around the property and hunting.

I am thinkintna 1-6 vpo

Ideally i want to replace both stocks, i dislike the plastic versions and have little interest in the aluminum m-lock ranger point handguards.

Are there any other threaded barrel 45lc lever guns that I am missing?.

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I bought an older ‘trapdoor’ in 45-70. Soon after I felt the need for the same chambering in a stronger action, more modern gun. I naturally started looking into the somewhat older Marlin guns, near $1200+ range.

While looking I stumbled upon a new Henry lever in 45-70 at a decent $830-ish price. It’s a common model, pistol grip stock, 18.6” barrel. The reviews were fine, my experience with Henry has been great. They do make a handful of versions, I don’t mind the loading tube which mine has.

This was my 1st Henry, made in WI now. Mine is a solid gun, reviews are generally very good.
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I have the big boy X in 44 magnum to pair with my 44 revolvers.
Haven't shot it a ton. Maybe 80-100 rounds of my reloads. Only shot out to 50yds. Action is smooth, I like the stock. Comfortable for me. Not thinking of suppressing it at this time.
No issues.
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