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For real?
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I built an AR9 SBR with Colt style mags, bought an MPX Pistol and a CMMG Banshee with Glock mags that I SBR'd. I like shooting the Banshee the best. It runs suppressed most of the time and I added the medium weight to the bolt and did the C3JUNKIE mod.

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Originally posted by pfc1966:
Thanks for a lot ideas. Going to try a couple at some steel shoots I go to.

This is the best way -- see the PPCs in action and try to get some trigger time with the ones you like. There are a number of options and you should determine what works best for you.

I went down the pocket-draining path -- Wilson Combat AR9G SBR, Glock mags, blowback action. It works really, really well for me.

My guns must be accurate, and the Wilson shines. 10 rounds of S&B 9mm 115 FMJ at 200 yards, in crosswinds, from prone with a bipod. Vertical variation of 2.5 inches.

My AR9G shoots well from a sling. Here's an Appleseed target at 50 feet, from the SF postal match thread this winter.

My AR9G works well for quick shots and transitions. Also from the SF postal match thread. Double taps on both targets. Distances of 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. 13 of 14 hits on both 3x5 cards. Average split times were:
1.02 seconds for the first shot on the right target, from high ready position
.46 seconds for the second shot, on the right target
1.05 seconds for the 3rd shot, on the left target
.39 seconds for the 4th shot, on the left target
2.92 seconds total

You PCC choice should reflect your intended use and functional goals.
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I went with a CZ Scorpion but if you look at David W's post, you need to upgrade a few things like the trigger spring kit and the handguard which I'm going to do along with a few other things.

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I opted for a CMMG Banshee 9MM Radial Blowback upper (to use with my AR pistol lowers)…it’s nice to be able to use the regular Magpull GEN 1 and 2 magazines…everyone should have a shit ton of these magazines put back for the zombie “pockeylipse” which were modified with CMMG’s adapters…the shallow almost straight into the chamber feedramp is built into each CMMG magazine adapter to guarantee reliable feeding…(it works like a charm) the dedicated upper ain’t cheap but it’s a quality, extremely accurate and VERY dependable “plug and play” upper Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin …after close to two thousand rounds of various factory and handloaded bullets (handloads were mostly powder coated 124 grain LEE truncated cone bullets) mixed with a plethora of Berry’s and Accura plated bullets, I have had zero issues…CMMG rocks IMHO Cool Cool Cool plus a great warranty! (I can’t believe I used the word “plethora” in a sentence…it’s a good day) Razz Razz Razz


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