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I have a early Universal M1 carbine. It has never failed to function.
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Originally posted by Shackelford:
Can anybody explain why so many of the repros have reliability issues? As expressed above, it can't be that machining 75 years ago was more precise. Is it cheaper finishes? Do the repros use cheaper metal for some parts, or the dreaded MIM or something?

I am not sure that they do. The biggest failure of the m1 is the mags. They were meant to be disposeable in the field. There is a great forgotten weapons vid with ken hackathorn that goes into this aspect.

I see a fair number of folks, and have made the mistake myself, of running my m1 lubed like a moderen sporting rifle. They are meant to be well oiled.

So in those two issues you have 2 of the 3 things that can cause 90% of the issues in a gun. The third being ammo.

My best guess is that folks are applying modern oiling amounts (do you run your ar15 sopping wet)? To the M1 and after a magazine it starts to induce failures.
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Originally posted by DSgrouse:
<snip> He saw it and immediately started telling me what a piece of shit it was.
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Over the years I have had a National Ordnance and a Plainfield. The former one was a beater, given to me as for helping to clean and catalog a friend's share of his father's estate guns, about a hundred and fifty rifles and maybe 50-60 handguns.(Don't get excited, this was in the mid 1980's) He and I argued, I did not want to take anything for helping him, he insisted so I took what was appeared to be the nastiest and cheapest rifle from the bunch. First experience firing a Carbine, I was hooked.

Latter one, the Plainfield was never fired. I heard those were supposed to be good though.

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