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Last august we purchased a CZ Bobwhite G2 20/28.

My son shot the gun during 2020/2021 dove and bird season and it never hiccuped. It’s quickly became his favorite and he shot it well on both birds and clays. However, the triggers were heavy, unmatched in pull weight and creepy/gritty.

Got in touch with CZ on 06/28 and they quickly provided a shipping label. In short, I requested for matched pull weights b/w 4-5 lbs and a smooth pull.

After being promised a 4-6 week turnaround, I happily received an email today that the work is completed and a return shipment is imminent…a two week turnaround and plenty of time for opening day doves on September 4.

“Work Performed: Adjusted and polished trigger sears. tested on our trigger pull guage and both triggers broke under 5 pounds. Per our shop policy we cannot have the trigger pull under 5 pounds. Functions checked and test fired good. Test fired Federal 3DRAM Top Guns shells. Fired 2 sets. Right barrel followed by Left, and Left barrel followed by Right.”

So, as I said, BIG shoutout to CZ USA customer service.

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I have a similar story. Picked up a Salesman's demonstrator, a Sharp Tail Target that was stamped "SEC' which means factory second. BTW, this means no warranty, thanks for that Cabela's you lying thieving pricks. Had some issues, one being that the firing pins were not fitted properly to the gun. As a result they didn't rebound behind the breech face. Ever try and break open a shotgun with the firing pins in the dimpled primers, had to put if over my knee.

Anyhow I have the skill required to solve the problem but I wanted some spare on hand before ding the work. Called CZ about the issue when I leaned there was no warranty, however I also learned that parts are 100% free, don't even have to pay shipping. So right quick I had two spare firing pins and mainsprings in my hand. Ground down the rear of the firing pins so they rebounded properly and cut 5/16 inch off the mainspring to reduce the cocking effort and primer strike force. It's now 100% perfect with a 4 lbs. trigger break and no issues with firing pin lock. Also found out that the chambers are the same size as a Beretta 686 so my Briley tubes fit eiher gun.

PS; one positive of getting a salesman's sample is that the wood on this gun borders on spectacutar. No, it's not older Beretta EELL wood but it's quite close and is a match for a newer EELL wood. Note this is my third CZ shogun and the other two are very good shotguns.

I've stopped counting.
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That's great to hear. Most of the stories I've heard about them are pretty similar in that they tend to have excellent customer service.
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