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Originally posted by offgrid:
Time to dump that three 'O hate. Check your calendar, its' not 1970 man! Big Grin

I've named my 308 rifle "Dino", in reference to The Flintstones' pet. So....well before 1970. If Hornady, Federal, Prime, or whomever markets reasonably-priced 6 BR/BRA/Dasher match ammo, then the 308 will go pretty quickly. Until then, I think I'll keep the dinosaur for training purposes. 6.5 Creedmoor is pleasant to shoot after training with a three-oh-hate.

6 Creedmoor components are at Black Canyon Customs right now. He's backed up a bit with work; I'll have the rifle in a couple of weeks. Having the Bartlein BB steel barrels cut to 26". So I'll probably be above the MV speed limit for some matches. I have Hornady and Federal/Berger ammo in the basement for testing. Over time I'll see how the BB steel holds up, and if the 7.5 twist is an issue. I may need a set of rings for the scope, but should have everything else.
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Cool! Look forward to see how it shoots

Ahh…… ditch the persimmon wood, 8-track Big Grin Train with the 6.5, compete with the 6!
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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I finally got some good groups out of my Savage! I purchased that US Optics 17X scope that BlueDog loaned me. The offer was too good to pass up. Thank you BD!

I went through and re-leveled the scope and torqued the rings. Up until now, I was only getting 3/4"-ish groups out of it and I at least wanted it to shoot under 1/2 MOA.

I loaded up some 168 grain Nosler CC's today and headed out to test some rifles. The rifle was much more consistent today than in previous trips. I got dialed in at 100 and shot two 5-shot groups. The first one was right at 1/2" and the second was 0.412" center to center.

I've always wanted this to shoot ragged one-hole groups and now it is.

Now that I know it's close, I'll tweak the load and take a little more care in case prep.


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