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Semper Fidelis Marines
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+1 for GG&G parts, good folks and top quality

thanks, shawn
Semper Fi,
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Really good guns.

I put mine up against my M1014 and it lost by like this much (holds fingers up really close together) because I prized recoil control over everything else. The Benellis I can keep the sights aligned and on target between shots with full power buck, the Beretta I can't do that.

If you prize compact size and light weight and you're willing to tolerate a smidge more felt recoil, the Beretta 1301 probably wins.

As far as value? Benelli is VERY proud of their tactical/LE line of shotguns, even prouder than when I tracked down my original M1014. The price difference was worth it to me...but barely, and the other Benellis in my safe had a lot to do with that decision.

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What do they weigh side-by-side?

Everyone loves their M4 for it’s lack a recoil but, it’s a pig.
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