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Foam is pretty easy to replace, custom or, otherwise, foam is the cheap part. As an FYI- when the SOF-units deploy, unless the items inside is sensitive: sniper rifle, optics, comms; the foam is removed, weapon is put into a soft-case instead, along with a bunch of bags/pouches. The case is there for transportation/protection, once at primary base, case gets left behind.

Lots of used cases available, as long as latches are solid and seals are still good. Good prices
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I know I'm going to take a beating for this , but.... The hard cases from Harbor Freight are on par with Pelican cases. I Have 2 of them. When I bought the first I figured for the price I could beat the crap out of it to see how quickly it failed , I still hasn't failed. I was so impressed that I bought a second one
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Check these Harbor Freight vs. Pelican videos out:


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