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I finally had the chance to take this gun further than 100yds with the 3x micro prism and I am very satisfied with the results. PA states in their manual to sight the gun in at 100 yds using 168gr SMK and use the chevron out to 300yds. I shot three groups using FGGM 168gr, Barnes 168gr, and my hand load using Shooters World Precision and 168gr SMK.

The dots I were using as my aiming point are 3” across and the shots landed on or around them nicely. I’ll take these groups all day for a battle rifle using a 3x optic and firing at speed. Accuracy would also be better with a nicer trigger, but I am going to leave this gun stock. I have other guns that serve the precision rifle role.

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Very nice.
Perfectly acceptable groups with that rifle and any group that will be contained inside center mass is good.
My LGS keeps trying to get me to buy the SCAR they have. So far I'm holding out.

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SCAR just delivers. Mine and 2 others I've shot were consistent with 168FGMM and looked similar to your results here.

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Been looking for a different optic for mine (I've got a Leupold scope on it now), and just ordered one of these.


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Nice. I put that same optic on my AR. It is a performer. That being said, I talked my buddy into buying one and the illumination worked for 3 days then went tits up. Mine is fine, even daresay great.

If an American made or just not Chinese optic was made in this vein I would buy a couple.
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