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Originally posted by 92fstech:
Originally posted by ruger357:
My first gun. Accurate as hell. I did something and bent a spring or something and it started jamming regularly. I fooled with it for a year or so and got it going again. Then I took it apart for cleaning and bent whatever again and it started jamming again. I put it in the closet and forgot about it. Need to dig it out. Anybody know what I did or how to fix? It will eject the fired case and literally bend the net round in half.

It's probably the ejector spring that's bent. These things are really has to be about perfect to run right. I have a model 70, which is the box magazine fed version, and it is even trickier because if there's any slop between the mag and the mag catch, it throws the tolerances off and becomes a jammomatic. Also, when you re-assemble the gun, always lock the bolt to the rear (or on the case of my 70, which doesn't have a bolt catch, hold it to the rear) before mating the lower assembly to the upper, otherwise you risk bending the ejector out of place through contact with the bolt.

You can use a nickel and a penny as gauges to set the correct offset of the ejector from the feed ramp. You want both the vertical and horizontal offsets to be more than the width of a penny but less than the width of a nickel. Here's a video demonstrating it...should make a lot more sense once you see it (sorry I'm on my tablet and can't get the embed code, just the link):

Also, while you're in there check the condition of the buffer. They can deteriorate and eventually need to be replaced.

Thank you. That sounds like what happened.


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Nice thread on a sweet little rifle. The Marlin 60 was my first .22. I took it to an Appleseed and got frustrated with the loading procedures they had for the class and poor setup for a sling, so I sold it off to a good friend of mine. It was perfect for what it was (a handy little do-all rifle around the ranch) and I tried to make it into something it wasn't (a so-called "Liberty Training Rifle"). Wish very much I still had it, if only to use it properly as the fun and handy rifle it was meant to be.
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