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In 2020, White Oak Armament felt that the cartridge might overwork the bolt lugs on host rifles, especially by reloaders pushing its limits.
I still don't see 6mm-ARC barrels offered on their website.
Other makers have been selling 6mm-ARC rifles and parts.
How have they been holding up?

" ...

At that time I made the decision to not chamber for the .440 head size cartridges. In addition, I feel there are other cartridges that are better for the specific demands of the across the course match rifle shooter.

Hornady confirmed by my feelings by limiting the new cartridge to 52,000 PSI max pressure. At that pressure bolts and barrel extensions should last a long time. Start tipping the powder can and all bets are off. If you are one to add powder until primers fall out then back off slightly, don’t expect to keep all the lugs on your bolt if you shoot a lot.

I will have to be convinced that the reliability and longevity are there before we start selling them to our customers. We will keep you informed."


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All AR15 chamberings with more powder than the standard 223 case produce additional stress and wear on components, as compared to 223. WOA still chooses to work with 6.8 SPC and 22 Nosler.

Compass Lake works with 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel, 22 Nosler, and 224 Valkyrie.

Craddock Precision works with 6mm ARC, 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8 SPC.

WOA, CLE, and Craddock all produce AR products that are among the best of the best. I have 2 Craddock barrels and I've shot with guys who have WOA and CLE barrels.
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People have been having problems with non-5.56 AR bolts since forever. Sooner or later, IMHO, someone's going to have to break down and produce larger bolt heads and bolts, barrel extensions, and ARs that can accommodate them.

Sadly, manufacturers of non-ARs seem to continue to be making the same mistake in the name of commonality with 5.56 (or similar) models - with the BRN-180 in 7.62x39 being the latest case in point that I've heard of.
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