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I actually had a day off and was able to take the Sig to the range. You guys were 100% correct on the accuracy of this rifle. At 50yds it held around an 1” or less with Hornady 55gr TAP and my own load of Hornady 55gr SP. This was with the PA 1x Cyclops.

At 100yds the rifle held around a 3-4” group with the same optic and ammo. I’m sure those groups would be better with a magnified optic and better trigger, but for my needs this is perfectly acceptable combat accuracy.

This rifle is actually better than the Colt 6920 that I had. There were no malfunctions and the gun ran 4 types of ammo during my shooting today.

All in all, it was a great purchase and is now my self defense rifle.

As a side note, the Aimpoint compact 3x magnifier does not work at all with the PA Cyclops. No amount of adjusting gave me an even halfway decent sight picture.

The center group is 5rds Hornady 55gr TAP at 50yds. The other group is my hand loaded Hornady 55gr SP. They are pretty much equal in size.

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Nice shooting.
I had one of those Sig ARs and it was equally as accurate as yours, they're pretty nice rifles.

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I put an ALG ACT trigger in mine, and have been very happy with the improvement. As you note, its already got one of the better factory AR triggers installed; mine was notably better than a friend's Colt 6920, but the ALG ACT is even better, and reasonably priced. We are coming up on the 4th of July, and ALG typically has a sale at as much as 50% off over the holiday.

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