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A buddy of mine is looking to get one of these new and asked me if they were any good, I told him I don’t know much about AK’s but you guys might. What’s the word on these?
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Pretty sure Arsenal AKs are pretty well regarded.


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Arsenal brand is a highly regarded brand, quality made AK. Some models are milled receiver.
Some are stamped. I have an underfold model that have
Milled receiver. You can’t go wrong with either kind.

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For what internet noise is worth, there's some noise on the internet about the paint not holding up well.
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The paint has never held up well on Arsenal’s but other than that they are fantastic examples of the breed.

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I apologize for sounding critical, but how hard can it be to get an AK47 clone/copy correct?

I thought the objective of the design was to be as simple as possible to manufacture and maintain.

Does anyone make a better example/copy of an AK than Arsenal? If so, who?

The reason I'm asking these questions is that I have wanted for some time to acquire an AK copy/clone/example for my own knowledge/education purposes and I'd like to know which brand to look for.

Thank you.
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Some say arsenal is better made than the Russian AKs.

Good luck finding one. I've been looking for a 104 at a fair price since Christmas.

The new G3 palmetto state AKs is getting very good reviews. Ill probably pick up a 5.45 from them when they hit the market.
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It’s quality control really. Yes an AK can be slapped together that will be reliable and MOA (minute of asshole) fairly easily. Arsenal seems to keep tighter tolerances, QC etc. and at least in my experience seems to make a more accurate AK. (Yes I know I am not talking about gnat nut precision at eleventy billion yards) but with good ammo and possible some form of optics I have found arsenal builds to be above the rest in terms of accuracy and they feel “tighter” then your average WASR or MADDI etc.

Now all that said. They are a fairly expensive, assembled AK platform. Don’t expect an AR15. Different design, different design goals. They are however a very good AK clone. I also think the VEPR’s were fantastic AK derivatives and probably better then the Arsenal’s at the cost of weight as they tended towards heavier barrels and I believe RPK receiver styles.

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Arsenal makes a very top notch AK (both ak47 & ak74).
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As far as exterior finish goes, the milled receivers are pretty durable. but some of the AK74s (stamped receiver) would wash of with just about any solvent.
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I've a bunch of arsenal's. never an issue on finish per se. and they have been beat. all milled if it matters.

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Found this per Arsenal:

“From Arsenal....

Arsenal, Inc.
3395 S. Jones Blvd #331
Las Vegas, NV 89146 USA
Tel.: 702-643-2220 Fax: 702-643-8860


WARNING: Modern gun cleaning solvents can be very aggressive. Before use, test solvents on a small portion of each part to check for possible damage to the finish of all the various metal and plastic parts. Keep in mind that more then one type of finish may exist on metal parts. Any damages caused by such aggressive solvents will not be covered under warranty.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The paint finish on your rifle is identical to the finish applied on military rifles. Arsenal, Inc. highly recommends using cleaning products approved by the military for such finishes. Your rifle has been effectively tested with a Mil Specification product Break-Free® CLP (Clean, Lubricate, Protect). This product is known to be harmless to your rifle's finish while being an effective cleaner and lubricant. Break-Free® CLP is available commercially and is the only product tested and recommended for use by Arsenal, Inc. Any damages caused by other solvents will not be covered under standard warranty.”

That said I use only CLP and Ballistol without issue on my Saiga AK. I seem to remember reading that Hoppes in particular is rough on the Arsenal finish.
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The SAM 7 is excellent. Barrel is somewhat of a light contour and heats up quickly (expected for an AK). Accuracy is nothing special considering how much the guns cost. Heavy. Just plain old AK technology with a better fit and finish, but yes, you do pay for it.

I like the ones with the quad rail so that a scope can be forward mounted with ease and a light can be affixed easily and solidly. The Sam 7 UF used to be available with the factory installed quad rail, but it isn't available any longer. You can still get it with the SF (side folder) model. Of course, you can install a rail system yourself with aftermarket parts, but then you'll add $120 to $200 to an already expensive gun.

Provided he's ok with spending the money, and that he'll understand that arsenal doesn't make a transcendental AK that surpasses AK accuracy (it is what it is), it is a good gun that is worth owning. I'd take it any day and every day over an American made AK clone. The CHF chrome lined barrel is faithful and correct to original AK design specs, which is nice to have.

It's getting harder and harder to get an European factory made AK. Arsenal might be the last of very few on the market right now to offer such a product. Romanian AKs are still available. E.g., saiga and veprs are banned. In that regard, it is unique and special.

And yes, spare parts are available. Just saying...

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Arsenal AK’s are fantastic. If he doesn’t have any other AK’s I wouldn’t get an under folder. They look cool and everyone needs at least one, but they aren’t good shooting. It’s a crappy and uncomfortable stock.

I would get the SAM7 R with the normal stock or the SLR 107FR, is it’s his first/only ak (Sam series is milled, SLR series is stamped)

Having said that, the Sam 7 is my favorite under folder because the stock locks straight back. Most other under folders angle down and only make a bad stock worse.
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I think they use the rattle cans on those rifles. Any solvent would make the finish dissolve. But that's an easy fix. Appliance epoxy at Walmart for $4 and 20 minutes in the oven. Tough as nails.
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