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Lots of time to think while I was OCONUS, had a few components already, decided to complete a mid-range M16a4 themed build... Assembly, Duracoat [East German "Falling Rain" cammo pattern], curing and bench test now complete!

PSA Virginia "Sic-Semper-Tyrannis" meme lower, PSA upper w/ FN 18" heavy barrel, Magpul kit and bi-pod, coated BCG, Spikes "Barking Spider" flash hider and Scalarworks sights (Iron sights specifically chosen to keep things sporting)

Happy with the end result; probably do Duracoat again; Cammo took a long time; took my time a few hours here and there; fun project

Special Shout-out to @MikeinNV for hooking me up with an armorers wrench
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Looks good.
I like that paint scheme.
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Yeah, that turned out really well.
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I agree that looks really cool, I like different camo patterns. Also good work on the Sic Semper Tyrannis lower!

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Looks sharp. How well does that muzzle device work?


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