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I’ve got a PSA AK-P that I am going to SBR. I’m having a hard time finding the right furniture/stock with any confidence because of all of the variances in AK platforms and countries of origin. This is a stamped receiver gun.

I’m looking for a wood hand guard and pistol grip plus a fixed metal triangle stock. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


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As far as stocks are concerned, I think PSA uses a Russian AKM pattern. (Yugo & Chinese were different sizes). The skeleton stock could be either a 4.5mm or 5.5mm pin depending if they use a Russian or Bulgarian pattern trunnion.

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The easiest thing to for the handguards and psitol grip may be to go to PSA again since they do have pistol grip/handguard options available:

Don't be surprised if some fitting of the wooden parts is necessary no matter what your source for the parts may be.

Some of the easier places to look for what you want are Arms of America, APEX gun parts, AIM Surplus, RTG Parts, Comblocparts, Khybercustoms and AKBuilder. Legion USA and Ironwood Designs will have some options, but tend to be on the expensive side.

As for the fixed metal buttstock, are you looking for one of the bent sheet metal type stocks like the Russians issued or a tubular stock?
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Ironwood Designs was my go to until Matt died a couple years back. I've had some pretty good luck with Carolina Shooters Supply on surplus furniture but it's hit and miss as to what's in stock.

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You don't mention if it has a brace on it currently or just the picatinny adapter or AR type brace. I would use the picatinny adapter and one of the Midwest industries triangle stock. Standard AK handguards work with the AK-P.

There's also a fixed version from RTG parts...
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When I SBR’d my Zastava PAP M85 & M92 I wanted the triangle folder as well, I used the Manticore triangle and doublestar FSB-PB locking hinge, they look and work great!

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