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E-filed my Form1 9/16/22 . APPROVED 10/26/22.

I really want to get the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 RDS. But almost all on-line vendors that sells them for $599 MSRP is on Backorder (No ETA). GB have a few, but are priced like gold. Second choice is the Holosun AEMS with Green Dot. Found one with a great price at a local fun shop. I ordered a Holosun Low Mount, which I'm very happy with the height. I have an old Insight Technology M6 TLI (Tactical Laser Illuminator) in my spare parts box, using the old school bulb. I was able to source an LED upgrade kit and a metal bezel from Ebay. Light is fine for home defense use. Just waiting for the Form-4 approval for the Omega 9K.

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Very cool. I need to SBR mine and pick up that stock. I have the folding brace, but have yet to fire mine.
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I'm glad that these applications are coming back quickly. That's a handsome set up

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I need to SBR mine and pick up that stock

one of the neat parts of B&T is that you can get that as a brace and then replace the end cap with a stock when your F1 paperwork clears. Like all B&T its silly expensive but very workable.
as for the not shooting your APC seek help...

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