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I was looking for a Unertl type scope for my 1941 Winchester 75. Sadly, they are out of my price range. I stumbled on these online: 2 Lyman Permacenter 20X's for a Buy it Now of $520. I've never seen anything stronger than 10x. I put one on the Winchester, and the other on my Mossberg 44. I can hit a small paster at 50 yds with the Winchester.

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Pretty cool! Something about older (or classic-style) rifles just looks right with vintage optics.

I have a NIB pre-Olin Weaver 6X I've been trying to find 3/4" rings for. It's going on a Savage .22 Magnum bolt rifle with a pencil barrel.
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Very nice. Congrats. Looks great. Lyman is a great name in vintage optics. Love seeing the "made in USA" next to their name. That means something to me.

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