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I have a SSG 3000 with the factory black laminate stock. I was thinking about swapping that out for something more useful/practical. I stumbled upon GRS stocks. They offer some interesting options: tactical, practical and competition laminates that are absolutely gorgeous.

Has anyone dealt with them before or seen/used their stocks firsthand? Is there someone else I should be looking into for $600-800?



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I currently have a Tikka T3X Varmint in 6.5 Creedmoor in a GRS Bifrost stock. Excellent ergonomics for trigger hand and finger. Still shooting sub MOA, still capable of 1000 yards, no issue, light and minimal recoil. Your big decision will be deciding between the Bifrost and Warg. Great stocks.
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Thanks for bringing this up!
I’ve got one of the Made for USA SSG3000 rifles with the black plastic stock, I’ve also had a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel cut for it. When I first got it I searched for 2 years for a replacement stock like the GRS Sporter, this may be the answer but I’d like more actual user reviews.

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With all four of our LGS as agents for GRS stocks, as well as selling rifles already fitted with them, they are a great success story in our gun club.

My pal Brad has four SAKO rifles with them fitted, and an Air Arms PCP rifle fro rat-work on his farm.

Two are the newer 'Berserk' style - some kind of black or very dark composite material - all others are wood. They are stunning to look at and incredibly comfortable to shoot.

I'm very impressed, although not can be fitted to my more modern rifles.
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