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I got a 10/22 Chassis that has the standard AR buffer tube threads on the rear. I am wanting to convert that to a 1913 rail for a side folder.

I have found 2 but I am worried they will not work properly for me. These seem to be made to use the dimple under the buffer tube in the AR’s lower receiver to keep the adapter from roatating and keeping the unit aligned.

My Chassis does not have the lower dimple to help with alignment or anti rotation. Would slapping some red thread locker be enough to hold it in place even with pretty constant pressure on the adapter from folding and unfolding the stock?

Came across a 3rd just now but it is out of stock and looks like it maybe a better fit

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I use the KNS one as another option. I'm not 100% sure of your setup but it works great in the situations I've used it for. The A3 tactical one appears to be the KNS?. In any case red thread locker would solve the issue if the design doesn't.

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Ace Rifle Stocks, aka Doublestar makes receiver plug/blocks for AR’s, AK’s as well as other rifles. Their receiver blocks are threaded to mount several of their stocks.

Also Spikes Tactical makes an aluminum “Pistol Plug” if you don’t need to use a receiver extension (buffer tube) that works great for making a AR pistol in 22LR.

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Here’s one for $39.99 on gun broker.

1913 Adapter

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