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Busier than a cat covering
crap on a marble floor
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...ready here in AZ!

The trouble with trouble is; it always starts out as fun.
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The cake is a lie!
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Reminds me of Storm Troopers.
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Cool! Hey, you've got all contingencies covered! Big Grin

Makes me think of the white edition Kriss Vector, which also looks like something a Storm Trooper would carry.

Divided we stand.
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As another NATO AUGer, I approve this message. Big Grin

Have you been using that front sling mount? I had to make some upgrades to mine because I found it to be useless. Are you planning on any upgrades?


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Originally posted by Nismo:
Reminds me of Storm Troopers.

My very first thought too. Would be great for blasting rebel scum.

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hello darkness
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I got bored last winter and decided to build a snow gun. My Aero precision 308 in Winter Flectarn. Still gotta paint the scope and scope mount but she is coming along...

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Very nice. I should pick up a Nato stock and pack.

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