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I don't deserve
this CUT
I have a local shop selling rounds for approximately $1.60/round or thereabouts, all from boutique factories (I did get a couple boxes of Sellier & Beloit).

Any leads on where I can not spend $60+ on 40 rounds of .300 blackout? No can so I'm buying supers currently.

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Search every morning. Expect that it may take days -- even weeks -- to find what you want. for a single source

I haven't purchased pistol or rifle ammo locally in many years. High-volume shotgun ammo for clays can often be purchased locally for less, due to shipping costs.
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Good to see you again here my friend, it has been a while...
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Scheels all sports has a bunch im y area. check their website
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Try Mississippi Auto Arms website. They fave had a good supply of American Eagle
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